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What Comes First: the Career or the Egg?

What Comes First: the Career or the Egg?
What Comes First: the Career or the Egg?

The LWC are proud to be sponsoring a whole day of events at Fertility Fest 2019 the world’s first arts festival dedicated to fertility, infertility and modern families created by Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier (pictured).  What Comes First: the Career or the Egg takes place on Saturday 4th May at the Barbican, London and includes three sessions for women in their twenties and thirties who are considering their fertility options.

To Parent or Not to Parent

The days morning session features extracts from The Non-Parent Trap by theatre makers Anna Bliss Scully and The Baby Question by Paula Varjack, Catriona James and Luca Rutherford which explores the world of fertility, pregnancy and conception in modern society.  Following the performances, the artists will be joined on stage for a Q&A session chaired by writer Maddy Costa with Dr Eirini Kartsaki from the University of Essex and the LWC’s senior fertility counsellor Tracey Sainsbury.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing has grown in popularity over the last decade with many young women considering treatment to preserve their fertility.  This session features a performance from Brew-Makers Theatre Company presenting extracts from their musical comedy The Egg Rumour about companies offering egg freezing to their employees.  Pepper Binkley also tells her story as a woman in her mid-30s exploring egg freezing in It’s Freezing Out There. Sophie Sulehria, creator of the Radio 4 series The Long Road to Baby will chair a Q&A session with the artists and Dr Kylie Baldwin from de Monfort University who has been researching social egg freezing and age-related fertility.

Solo Motherhood

More and more single women are now seeking fertility treatment with donor sperm to become solo mothers by choice.  This afternoon session includes extracts from Claire Taylor’s new solo show Single Multiplication about her journey to become a mother and journalist Genevieve Robert who will be talking about her new book My choice to become a single mother using a donor. The artists will then be joined on stage by fertility expert Caroline Spencer, director of the Donor Conception Network Nina Barnsley, and session will be chaired by LWC’s fertility coach Cindy Charles who runs the clinic’s monthly single women social events.  

Fertility Fest 2019

Fertility Fest 2019 takes place at the Barbican and runs from Tuesday 23rd April to Sunday 12th May and features over 200 artists and experts. Using their own personal experience of fertility treatment, theatre producers Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, created Fertility Fest to improve the understanding of the emotional impact of infertility. 

If you are considering your fertility options as a single woman, What Comes First: the Career or the Egg is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people and learn more about the possibilities available. You can find out more about Fertility Fest and book your tickets on their website.


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