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What are our Care Teams at London Women’s Clinic and why do we have them?

Our Care Teams are identified and displayed on these cards at reception.

Setting foot for the first time in a bustling fertility clinic can be daunting. Here at London Women’s Clinic, we have introduced a new care concept that makes this easier: welcome to our new Care Teams.

What are the Care Teams?

The Care Teams are small groups of consultants and nurses that work exclusively with specific patients. One of the drawbacks of a big clinic is the hustle and bustle – communication, timing, you might be thinking: ‘will the doctor even remember my name’? With our Care Teams, you’ll be seeing one of a close-knit group of doctors every time you come in. You’ll meet the same nurses, you’ll be part of a small community of healthcare professionals who you will get to know and who will get to know you.

Why have Care Teams?

At London Women’s Clinic, we are highly motivated to provide excellent patient care and want our patients to benefit from all the expertise we can offer. At the same time, we want to offer a special, warm environment and continuity of care that small teams can provide.

Continuity of care includes relationship continuity as the consultant and the patient build a trust and dialogue that will be beneficial to the patient’s experience whilst undergoing treatment. Also, it includes management continuity as co-ordination and planning become simpler and streamlined, letting the patient know what to expect at every appointment.

Patients with anxiety and reservations about treatment will now have a tighter group to turn to for support, making it easier than ever to ask for help when you need it.

The Care Teams allow us to provide a ‘close community’ feel with premium Harley Street service.

How do I know what Care Team I’m in?

You might have seen a colourful display of cards on your way into Harley Street. Our Care Teams are identified and displayed on these cards at reception, easily spotted next to our flowers.

These cards provide the names and images of the consultants that you will be seeing, so you know exactly who to expect. Green team, yellow team or purple team – each team has a specialism designed to give you the best journey possible through your treatment.


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