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Louise Brown talks about her story as the first ever IVF baby. 

The LWC London Bridge's Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, Mr Michael Summers will give a presentation at a symposium entitled “Edwards, Steptoe… and Dr Kershaw: an SRF symposium to mark the 40th anniversary of the birth of Louise Brown, the first IVF baby."

On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the first test-tube baby, we salute a forgotten IVF pioneer.

Older mothers on the rise as over-40s become the only group with a rising conception rate

The Science Museum has launched a new exhibition marking the 40th birthday of IVF called IVF: 6 Million Babies Later which runs until November 2018.

Experts at ESHRE, Europe's annual fertility conference, reveal that more than eight million IVF children have been born in the last 40 years. 

Fertility specialists in Spain have found that men who snack on nuts daily have on average a 16% higher sperm count. Professor Nick Macklon, Medical Director of the London Women's Clinic, has said this research alongside a number of other trials may help fertility specialists to understand what foods may have a genuine impact on sperm quality and fertility. 

The findings from a study by Yale University presented at the ESHRE conference in Barcelona reveal that women freeze their eggs due to a "lack of stable partners". 

Professor Nick Macklon, Medical Director of the London Women's Clinic comments on the development of an "artificial ovary" to help women have children after cancer treatment and related fertility issues. 

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