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Patient Stories


"IVF has made us become the family we had always wanted.  Even though it was a tough and grueling process we would do it again in a heartbeat."


"We have our final piece to our jigsaw and life now is truly complete."

"Having  a  child  on  my  own  is  without  a  doubt  the  most  challenging,  craziest  and  happiest  thing  I  have  ever  done."

"Parenthood has been the best challenge and the most amazing experience either of us have had the pleasure."

'It is now 4 years later and we still thank our lucky stars that we are truly blessed with our little treasure'

'We’ve been on an amazing journey but this isn’t the end, we are excited for many happy times ahead'

Carrie Thomas from South Wales had suffered from endometriosis and eventually had both Fallopian tubes removed. IVF was the only chance of pregnancy - but this time success followed success.

Find out more about why Lisa and Kelly decided to have treatment at The London Women's Clinic using donor sperm from the London Sperm Bank.

Louise was in her mid-30s, without a partner, and afraid that time was running out for a family. But she made a choice and followed her instincts. My advice, she says, is ‘Go for it and never give up’.

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