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1 Dec 2017

Scrap “arbitrary” 10-year limit on freezing human eggs, say doctors

The law must be changed to avoid thousands of women having their eggs needlessly destroyed, the country’s leading fertility doctors have said.

...Since 2001, more than 3,700 women have frozen their eggs in the hope of having them fertilised and reimplanted in the future via IVF.

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27 Nov 2018

Shared motherhood IVF for lesbian couples in gaining acceptance in the UK

In 2008, parliament voted to scrap the controversial 'need for a father' requirement from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act; a consideration for 'supportive parenting' took its place.

Alongside legislation giving rights to civil partnership (2004) and to marriage (2014) to same-sex couples, this provided the basis for a sudden surge in fertility treatment options for single and lesbian women.

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23 Nov 2017

Everything you need to know about shared motherhood

...Shared Mothered treatment was pioneered by consultants at the London Women's Clinic more than 20 years ago, to allow lesbian couples to share the motherhood experience from the stage of conception.

The process involves one partner going through the IVF process to produce eggs, which are then fertilised with a donor’s sperm. The embryo is then...

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23 Nov 2017

Should women in their twenties be thinking about freezing their eggs? (featuring Dr Zeynep Gurtin)

Rita Ora has frozen her eggs.  I know, it’s Thursday afternoon and you probably don’t want to think about Rita Ora’s reproductive system.

But when you realise that she’s 26, it does rather prompt the question ‘should I be worried about my eggs?’

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13 Nov 2017

Why the current law on egg freezing needs to change.

Fertility has come a long way since the first successful in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment back in 1978. Conception options have equally advanced at a rapid rate, with a whole variety of treatment options available to women, including the over 40s, single mothers and lesbian couples as the industry continues to evolve.

At The London Women's Clinic Group, this includes lessening the risks of multiple pregnancies through single embryo transfers with IVF One by One, as well as reducing the burden and side effects that can often come with fertility treatments, through IVF Lite.

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29 Sept 2017 


What is it like to have a child using a sperm donor?

When you are thinking of starting a family you might consider using a sperm bank to help you have a child. But what is it really like to go through the process as a lesbian couple?

Sperm donation made it possible for Lisa and Kelly to become parents to their little boy, Lennon. They share their thoughts on their experience with the London Women’s Clinic and the London Sperm Bank.

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27 Sep 2017


Fertility tests for all young women? Where do I sign up?

A fertility test isn’t something you can casually request from your GP, nor is it widely discussed. So most of us blindly assume we’ll be able to have kids if we do it at a young enough age, ignoring the obvious: we have no idea if our bodies will let us.

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16 JUN 2017

Dream of becoming a parent? The London Women's Clinic Bristol is hosting it's first ever 'fertility fair' this summer

The London Women’s Clinic, Bristol is hosting its first ever fertility fair at the Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel on Saturday, June 24 2017.

The event is for both male and female patients who want to discuss the comprehensive and affordable IVF treatment options offered by the clinic, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

 The fertility specialists, who opened a clinic in Bristol last September, join the existing London Women’s Clinics in Swansea and Cardiff.

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14 AUG 2015

I'm 29: should I freeze my eggs?

Moya Sarner and her boyfriend both know they want children - just not yet. Should she join the growing number of women in their 20s considering egg freezing?

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4 Sep 2014

Donate generously: how sperm became a top commodity

You’d think popping into a clinic and benevolently giving your sperm would be a walk in the park. Dream on. After being screened for diseases your sample is vigorously tested and, if up to scratch, you are obliged to make weekly deposits for up to six months, each time agreeing not to have sex for three days in advance. No wonder there’s a shortage, says Alice-Azania Jarvis.

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16 Sep 2013

EXCLUSIVE: UK's first egg bank launches in London

The pioneering service offered by the London Women’s Clinic (LWC) means infertile women will no longer have to go abroad or join long waiting lists in their quest to become mothers.

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01 Jan 2012

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for couples going through IVF treatment

Anya Sizer of the London Women’s Clinic offers advice to couples undergoing fertility treatment on how to use the event to help ease the stress of undergoing assisted reproduction.

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