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Lucy's Story

Lucy and her partner Keira had intra-partner egg-sharing treatment through the LWC Canterbury to have their baby son Rex.

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Kiera and I met around eight years ago at work.  Three years ago, we decided to buy a house and spent a lot of time making it feel like a home ready to have a baby.  We both knew we wanted to be mums and I wanted to be the one to carry the baby.  Our friends had had a baby through the LWC and we’d read a lot online about the clinic.  It felt like the best place to go for same sex couples as we knew that they would understand us. 

We had a consultation at the LWC Harley Street and had three cycles of natural Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).  Unfortunately, these were all unsuccessful, so we tried another cycle this time with stimulated IUI.  Again, this was unsuccessful, and we didn’t know what to do next.  We decided to go and have treatment at a clinic in Denmark and had two further cycles of stimulated IUI which also didn’t work.

We decided that perhaps we should try IVF next and found a clinic that was closer to where we lived in Hastings. I had a positive test after our treatment but unfortunately, we soon found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy.

After so many unsuccessful cycles with my eggs we thought perhaps that we should try and use Kiera’s eggs.  My AMH levels were quite low and Kiera’s results had shown she had great fertility, so this seemed like the next best thing to try. Kiera didn’t want to carry a pregnancy, so she would give her eggs to me and I would then carry the baby which is called intra-partner egg donation or shared motherhood. 

Kiera had always talked about donating her eggs. We were using donor sperm for our treatment, so it felt like donating eggs would allow another woman to have a baby like our sperm donor had given us the opportunity to create a family too.  Donating eggs also meant that the cost of our treatment would be lower.

We spent a long time writing Kiera’s pen sketch which is a note to any future children about her and why she wanted to donate.  We’d read so many sperm donor pen sketches, so we knew what we’d want to read about if it was us looking for an egg donor.

This time we had our consultation at the LWC Canterbury which was about the same distance from Harley Street for us, but it meant we could drive there, and the journey was a bit easier.  The team were so wonderful and the two nurses there Cathy and Becky and our consultant Dr Bodri made us feel so looked after.  It made the process more pleasurable.  Mimi, the nurse manager and egg donation co-ordinator was really helpful and matched us with a recipient, so we could have a fresh egg donation cycle. 

Kiera had her egg collection at the LWC in Harley Street and I was surprised about how quick and relaxed the process all was.  It made us feel like having treatment was about the decision we had made together and not about something being medically wrong. I was worried about Kiera having the procedure, but it was over in ten minutes and she felt fine afterwards so we went and had lunch together!

Waiting to hear about how our embryos had developed was hard.  In the end we had two embryos on day 5 which wasn’t as many as we had hoped for. On the day of embryo transfer I was very anxious and Mr Mamiso the doctor doing my transfer and the embryologist David made me feel at ease and explained everything to us.  My bladder was so full I thought I was going to pee everywhere!

We then had to wait for two weeks to take the pregnancy test.  During those two weeks we got a call from our consultant Dr Bodri who asked me to come in for another progesterone test to check my levels were ok.  It turned out they were quite low, so I then had to start taking injections.  I felt so looked after and thankful that he had checked everything was ok.

My pregnancy test was positive, and I luckily had a nice smooth pregnancy.  I felt like myself just with a bump! Although physically I felt good I was very anxious throughout my pregnancy.  We’d had a long journey to get to this point.

At the end of June baby Rex was born and he’s now nearly nine months old.  He is very happy and just loves being around people and babies – the more the better.  He is a little dream and we are so lucky to have him.  He has just slotted in to our lives perfectly.

Kiera and I love each other so much but we’re also a great team. Kiera’s a fantastic mum and so full of energy.  When she gets back from work she takes over and lets me have a rest.  We’ve bought a running buggy and we love going running in the park together. Kiera’s even thinking about running a half marathon next year with Rex in the buggy when he’s a bit older. He loves being outdoors, so we spend a lot of time in the park and going for long walks together.  We still have one embryo left so we’re keen to try and have another baby some time in the future when we’re ready! 

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