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Welcoming our new Pregnancy Clinic

London Women’s Clinic speaks with Mr Ruwan Wimalasundera, Consultant Obstetrician and Fetal Medical Specialist, and Dr Sarah Mourik, Consultant Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist, about the clinic’s important steps towards aiding patients with their pregnancy care

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In June 2021, London Women’s Clinic welcomed the relaunch of their private pregnancy care services through the form of their brand new clinic. Previously known as the Ultrasound Centre, the Pregnancy Clinic was relaunched to provide patients with world-class antenatal and private maternity care.

Whilst London Women’s Clinic primarily exists to treat patients who are undergoing fertility treatment, this new clinic serves to further support women who require help throughout their pregnancy journey.

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“It was important for London Women’s Clinic to open the Pregnancy and Gynaecology Clinic because it was the next step in completing the circle as family makers. We have always looked at how London Women’s Clinic can have a holistic approach to helping families, and whilst our focus is primarily on fertility, we wanted to expand into antenatal care and private maternity care."

"Later this year our brand new Gynaecology Clinic will open as well, where we will offer treatments like hysteroscopies," Dr Mourik added. "By providing these extra services it becomes easier for patients to have their full fertility and pregnancy treatment under one roof, which will make their journey easier, quicker, and more convenient. ”

Mr Wimalasundera said that the need for private pregnancy care is greater now than ever.

“Historically, patients have had high quality and intensive one-to-one fertility care and then move on once they are successfully pregnant. They do not get the same one-to-one care in the months that they are pregnant.

“We want to change that. The idea of the Pregnancy Clinic is to help patients both before and after the point of becoming pregnant. We offer counselling prior to IVF treatment, as well as consultations that look into an individual’s circumstances and medical problems in order to give patients an idea about how they should be looked after.

The London Women’s Clinic Pregnancy and Gynaecology Clinic aims to provide the best quality of care to prospective mothers in a personalised, compassionate, and caring way.

“On the other side, we also offer services like private pregnancy scans, early baby scans, and genetic testing to provide further insight and peace of mind to mothers who are perhaps concerned or in need of further reassurance during their pregnancy.”

Scan packages like the NHS Wraparound Pregnancy Scan Package offer parents greater insight into their baby’s wellbeing and development through four different scans performed throughout the pregnancy, all for a lower combined cost. These include a gender identification scan as well as a 4D baby scan; a detailed ultrasound that allows you to bond with your baby and watch them in real-time.

Fundamentally, the private maternity care provided by the Pregnancy Clinic is designed to instil trust in patients and build a relationship with them. “Pregnancy can be a very stressful state for a mother. We want to make sure that parents are able to take away a positive experience from their pregnancy and delivery.”

Patients at the Pregnancy Clinic can also expect to not wait for scans or treatments. Thorough scans can be performed by an experienced sonographer or senior fetal medical specialist; and can look at a range of areas from fetal growth and checking the baby’s heartbeat, to an anomaly scan or checking the baby’s anatomy.

If you have experienced pregnancy complications in the past, or are pregnant and in need of further support and advice, contact London Women’s Clinic’s Pregnancy and Gynaecology Clinic to speak with a fetal medical expert and see how we can help you through your pregnancy journey.

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