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Carrie’s IVF success story

Carrie Thomas from South Wales had suffered from endometriosis and eventually had both Fallopian tubes removed. IVF was the only chance of pregnancy - but this time success followed success.

After three unsuccessful years of trying to conceive and operations for endometriosis, which meant having both Fallopian tubes removed, it seemed our best chance of pregnancy was with IVF. Once we’d made the decision, I felt a sense of relief - it almost felt like fertility was now to be taken out of my hands. The only problem was I didn’t really know much about IVF or what it actually entailed. So our first step was an appointment at the London Women’s Clinic in Swansea.

When we first arrived we were very nervous as we didn’t really know what to expect. On the stairs, we passed lots of pictures of babies and we couldn’t help but smile and hope that one day ours might also be up there. It was our first glimmer of hope.

Our first meeting with the consultant took us through everything in detail and answered any questions we had. We discussed the most suitable treatment and how and when it would happen. We left feeling very positive and very secure in the knowledge we were in safe hands.

“The whole process from start to finish can be a roller coaster of emotions”

When the day finally came to start, we arrived feeling very nervous. In fact, the whole process from start to finish can be a roller coaster of emotions but the staff were on hand at all times with any support we needed; nothing was too much trouble.

We had four blastocysts available and after consulting with the embryologist decided to put two back as their quality was not so good. The remaining two were frozen.

After the transfer, we had to endure the dreaded two-week wait and we were up with the birds ready to take the test. Waiting for the result was one of the scariest feelings, but when the two blue lines appeared, confirming I was pregnant and the treatment had been successful, it was one of the best feelings ever. We rang the clinic and I honestly have to say they were as pleased as we were. Only one of the blastocysts had implanted and our beautiful son Freddie was born in July.

After 14 months we decided to try again with the two frozen embryos. We had stayed in contact with staff at the clinic so going back there was easy and we were made to feel as welcome as ever. Again we decided to transfer both blastocysts - and all the old feelings returned, a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

As we were using frozen eggs the treatment was shorter - and it was now at the new LWC in Cardiff. So once again we waited and finally did the test, and to our amazement, we again had two blue lines. Our beautiful daughter Poppy was born in June.

IVF can be a process of many highs and lows, but for us, it was the highs we remember - and even during the lows the LWC was always with us, and we cannot praise them enough.

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