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Read more about Louise and her IVF Story. Lisa was in her mid-30s, without a partner, and afraid that time was running out for a family.

Louise's Story

Louise was in her mid-30s, without a partner, and afraid that time was running out for a family. But she made a choice and followed her instincts. She says, is ‘Go for it and never give up’.

Egg Freezing In The News

Professor Nick Macklon, Medical Director of the London Women's Clinic, discusses the increase in women freezing their eggs as a "Plan B" on Sky News.

Ali's Egg Freezing Story

Ali froze her eggs in 2008 when she was 41, and came back to the LWC in 2013 to use those eggs to become pregnant. She tells us about her egg freezing journey which led to her beautiful twins.

Fertility Fair in Essex

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Established in 1985 in Harley Street, the London Women’s Clinic has since pioneered many of the routine techniques to treat fertility today. Our experienced consultants and nursing staff across nine fertility clinics will help you understand what treatment is best for you.

A track record of IVF success

With a success rate of 47% for IVF treatment for women under 35, over 10% above the national average, you can come to LWC confident that we'll help you have a healthy baby.

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