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Treatment designed for you

Our wish, like yours, is a baby delivered in a treatment programme which is safe, effective and affordable. Our approach puts you at the heart of our treatment, with a programme designed with only you and a healthy baby in mind. 

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Patient-friendly IVF

The aim of our IVF Lite programme is to make your treatment as safe and stress-free as we can. IVF Lite means a very short treatment cycle, a low dose of drugs to stimulate the ovaries, and minimum monitoring before egg collection. Very few visits to the clinic, few blood tests, and very few ultrasound scans. But first and foremost is safety, and a minimum risk of complications from the treatment. 

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UK's largest sperm and egg bank

Waiting times for a suitable sperm or egg donor match are never long - ensuring that there is no need for patients to travel overseas or import donors.

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Laura’s Story

It was the best birthday present we could have given my dad

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