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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Notice: For what you need to do, please read the latest Government information.

Update to our counselling services as of Covid-19

In order to support our patients during this troubling time, we are starting weekly general support groups facilitated via Zoom every Thursday at 6pm from Thursday April 9th. Do contact Tracey Sainsbury for an invite.

Upcoming timetable for themed support groups for next week:

Held via Microsoft Teams – do email Tracey for an invite – Patients Only

Monday 6th April 12noon – Single and exploring Fertility Options (Egg freezing and donor conception)

Tuesday 7th April 7th 12noon  - Considering donor conception for single people and couples

Wednesday 8th April 3.30pm – Coping after unsuccessful treatment and pregnancy loss

Thursday 9th April 6pm  - General Support Group via Zoom

Fertility counselling

The HFEA considers counselling a key element in the provision of fertility care. We are sensitive to the range of emotions experienced by patients and counselling is available to all at any time, with the first session free of charge. Both Skype sessions and face-to-face appointments are available.

Implications counselling

Implications counselling provides an emotionally safe place in which to explore what treatment will involve and the lasting implications for you and those close to you. If you are using donated eggs or sperm implications counselling is routine before you start treatment.

Support counselling

Support counselling provides an opportunity to explore feelings, coping strategies and practical issues (with partners, family, friends and colleagues). You might find that you need support at different stages of treatment, and our support counselling is available at all stages of treatment.

Therapeutic counselling

Therapeutic counselling is provided to assist you in coming to terms with your situation and treatment, so that difficult problems or disappointments can be addressed. It may also help you accept the consequences of ending treatment and to move on to other options.

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