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Success rates are used to evaluate the performance of a clinic and can be used to help you decide which clinic to pursue treatment with.

30k Eggs Frozen
10K Eggs Thawed
94* Successful Survival Rate

London Women’s Clinic is a pioneer when it comes to egg freezing and our extensive experience in the techniques involved have led to industry leading results. As of December 2022, our laboratories have frozen more than 30,000 (donor and own) eggs and thawed over 10,000, making us the largest centre for egg freezing in the UK.

Factors to consider when it comes to the success of egg freezing are:

  • Quality & quantity of eggs frozen
  • Post thaw survival rates
  • Live birth rate per embryo transferred
  • Cumulative live birth rates

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Hear from our experts

Clinical lead for Egg Freezing Dr Sarah Mourik shares her insight into how egg freezing has progressed over the years.

Professor Nick Macklon, Medical Director at London Women's Clinic, sits with Sky News to discuss the rise of elective egg freezing thanks to the effectiveness of newer techniques in the industry.

Egg freezing is the 'fastest-growing fertility treatment type' in the UK

According to the HFEA

Hear from our patients

You can find out more about the development of egg freezing from our experts and hear how its had a positive impact on two of our past patients.

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