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Why online consultations?

Following the coronavirus outbreak, we have introduced online consultations as our standard consultation method. The introduction of online consultations allows us to maintain social distancing and ensure the clinic environment is safe for our patients and staff.

As part of our Fertility MOT assessment, online initial consultations consist of 2 steps. Initially, you will be invited into the clinic to have some diagnostic tests, to establish your current fertility status. This is offered for both partners if you are a couple looking for our assistance.

The second step is the online consultation. You will discuss the content of the test results and a detailed medical history is taken by your consultant. The purpose of this is to gain a full understanding of your background and give you the best advice on how to move forward.

Our online consultations will last an hour and are carried out via Microsoft Teams. Upon booking an appointment you will be provided with all the relevant instructions for joining your session in advance, so you are ready to meet with your consultant at your scheduled appointment time.

Our Nursing teams also offer online consultations at all of our clinics. If an online consultation is not possible, an alternative will be provided.

What is the difference with a face to face consultation?

The quality of the information received will be the same and as mentioned above, the same diagnostic information is available as you would have been into the clinic to complete this before your appointment with the doctor.

You will still have access to the clinic staff throughout your treatment and you will need to attend for any investigations, ultrasound scans and procedures, such as embryo transfers when the time comes.


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