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Sperm freezing allows men to store their sperm to be used at a later date. This may be for medical reasons or if they need to delay conception. There are no time limits on how long sperm can be stored for before use.

Reasons to consider sperm freezing

There are many reasons why men consider freezing sperm:

  • Undergoing a vasectomy
  • Undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy that may affect fertility
  • A medical condition that may lead to infertility later in life
  • A low sperm count or poor quality sperm that is deteriorating
  • Difficulty producing a semen sample during fertility treatment
  • Ahead of active military duty

How it works

The first step is to complete a number of infectious disease screening tests including HIV, HTLV and Hepatitis B/C and provide written consent for sperm to be stored at the clinic.  Following an abstinence period of 2-5 days, a sperm sample will need to be produced at the clinic.  This will then be frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen.  Depending on the results of your sperm sample, a specialist may recommend further samples are stored to ensure there is enough for future conception. 

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