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At London Women's Clinic, we want you to be able to make decisions about your treatment with confidence. And one of the biggest factors is the price. With this in mind, we have put together a number of affordable treatment programmes that give you the best chance of having a successful pregnancy.

IVF Multi-cycle packages

Our pioneering approach to IVF takes advantage of leading laboratory techniques including blastocyst culture and the freezing technique of vitrification. With our multi-cycle package, one embryo can be transferred fresh or frozen with all excess embryos frozen and stored for potential later use in a non-stimulated cycle to improve chances of pregnancy.

The package includes

We still continue to offer our ever-popular Single Cycle IVF package, which includes monitoring scans, egg collection, embryo culture and a fresh/ frozen embryo transfer.

Multi-cycle packages

We offer a range of multi-cycle packages which give patients a significant saving for purchasing more than one cycle of treatment. These include a 3 cycle Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) package, 3 cycle egg freezing package and 3 cycle embryo freezing package. Depending on your individual circumstances, medical history and initial fertility tests, your fertility specialist will be able to recommend whether a multi-cycle package of treatment will be beneficially for you.

Gaia Family

The new way to pay for IVF. Pay monthly if you have a child, a fraction of the cost if you don't. We have partnered with Gaia to offer the world's first IVF insurance plans, allowing our patients to pursue their treatment without financial unknowns. You'll pay 0% interest over the full treatment period and for 12 months after. Gaia offers support along the way, with access to counsellors, embryologists and community throughout your entire treatment. To get your personalised pricing plan, visit Gaia.Family 

Access Fertility

The London Women’s Clinic offers a number of affordable price packages in partnership with Access Fertility. This includes programmes that fix the cost of treatment and offer refunds up to 100% if you don't have a baby. Get in touch to find out more about those packages. Available in selected clinics.


Our egg-sharing programme provides free IVF treatment to eligible women who donate some of their eggs to a London Women’s Clinic patient requiring donor eggs. All egg-sharers must be 35 or under and meet the additional criteria established by the UK's regulatory body, the HFEA. Acceptance on to the egg-sharing programme is dependent on an initial consultation and blood tests. Please note that egg-sharing is not available in our Darlington clinic.

Payment Plans

We know how stressful the financial impact of fertility treatments can be, so we’ve partnered with Duologi, a well trusted finance service provider, to allow you the option to manage your finances and pay flexibly while continuing to move forward with your treatment.

This simplified payment solution requires a down payment of at least 30%, followed by monthly repayment options based on the length of your term - use our finance calculator to figure out what your monthly payments might be. For more information, please contact our friendly enquiries team who will help answer those all-important questions. 

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