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Treatments at the London Women's Clinic Bristol

We provide a full range of fertility treatments and services with success rates consistently the highest in Wales. London Women's Clinic Bristol is also an approved NHS provider that offers top-quality care to patients who require NHS funding, as well as self-funded patients. The funding is granted by the CCG and is subject to their criteria. Consultations, investigations and treatment monitoring takes place at our first class facility in Clifton Park with IUI, egg collection and embryo transfer at our state-of-the-art clinic in Cardiff.

Our LWC Clinics have the highest success rates in Wales 

London Women’s Clinic Wales and Bristol is one of the most established and successful clinics in the country since it formed in Swansea in 1993. The main laboratory moved to Cardiff in 2012 and we further expanded into Bristol in 2016 with a new satellite centre. We also have the longest running preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) service in Wales and the South West.

According to the latest HFEA verified data, we have consistently been the best performing clinic for babies born following IVF/ICSI. This data shows the chance of success from all fresh and frozen embryo transfers within two years of one egg collection. Our precision embryology approach and quality of service has led to a high cumulative live birth rate as demonstrated by these figures


Live birth per embryo transfer; under 35s

National Average


LWC Wales & Bristol


WFI Neath Port Talbot




WFI Cardiff


Verified live birth rates are available from the HFEA website. Please note that success rates have limitations as the basis for comparison and personal choice. Further advice on what to look for in a clinic can be found here.   


At LWC Wales & Bristol, we personalise the number of embryos transferred to your own treatment plan.

Outstanding success rates in Wales & the West Country

Under 35

Live birth rate per embryo transfer (2018)

Based on 152 embryo transfers

HFEA national average: 41%



Live birth rate per embryo transfer (2018)

Based on 76 embryo transfers

HFEA national average: 33%



Live birth rate per embryo transfer (2018)

Based on 52 embryo transfers

HFEA national average: 27%


Live birth rate per embryo transfer (2018)

Based on 46 embryo transfers

HFEA national average: 18%



Under 35

Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 132 cycles

HFEA national average: 40%


Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 51 cycles

HFEA national average: 37%



Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 21 cycles

HFEA national average: 30%


Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred (Jan-Dec 2019)

Based on 19 embryos transferred

HFEA national average: 17%

LEB frozen donor eggs

Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 82 cycles

FET (created using LEB donor eggs)

Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 29 cycles


All ages

Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 12 cycles

Under 35

Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 97 cycles

HFEA national average: 21%

All ages

Clinical pregnancy rate per cycle (2019)

Based on 150 cycles

HFEA national average: 17%



Livebirth per embryo transferred (IVF/ICSI) Fresh embryos (own eggs, 2018)

Livebirth per embryo transferred (IVF/ICSI) Frozen embryos (own eggs, 2018)

HFEA National average (Fresh embryos)

HFEA National average (Frozen embryos)


35 (67/191)

33 (49/148)




18 (18/98)

40 (19/48)




17 (12/72)

24 (4/17)




11 (8/77)

** too few



Rates based on treatment in our Cardiff clinic.


Healthy IVF babies born since 1995

25 years

of fertility excellence in Wales and the South West

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IVF success rate
for under 35s

Meet some of the LWC Bristol Team

With many years of fertility experience, our dedicated team across both our Bristol and Cardiff clinics will give you the best chance of success for your treatment.

Dr Chandra Kailasam, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine

Dr Kailasam is a fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. He is a specialist in Reproductive Medicine and has worked in Bristol since 2000; initially at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, University of Bristol and subsequently at the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine. He is a Honorary Teacher at the University of Bristol and lectures to students on the MSc programme in Reproduction & Development. He has published several original and research papers in peer reviewed journals. He has presented at national and international conferences and received an award at the annual British Fertility Society conference in 2016.

Ellie Cook, Clinic & Patient Care Coordinator

Ellie joined the team in January 2018 as our Clinic Administrator, after working in Customer Care in Financial Services for 15 years. Ellie is on hand to answer any queries you may have and will guide you through each stage of your treatment journey.

Dr Helen Priddle, Laboratory Manager

Following 14 years of academic research with Embryonic Stem Cells at the Universities of Edinburgh, Leicester, and Nottingham, Helen began her career in embryology at NURTURE with a primary interest in quality leadership. Her many years of experience have allowed her to gain a thorough understanding of the basic molecular and developmental biology of human embryos, where she has a specific focus on providing high quality of care and excellence in clinical outcomes. As a renowned Clinical Scientist, Helen was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists before being elected to the Executive of the Association of Clinical Embryologists. Helen’s interests in academia also led to her being published in several respected peer-reviewed journals, as well as speaking at national conferences and lecturing on genetics and reproductive science.

Where to find us


Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital
3 Clifton Hill

01173 742 560

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