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Fertility services

  • Fertility treatment for some NHS-funded patients
  • Well developed programmes for lesbian and single women
  • Financial packages and money-back guarantee
  • Adjuvant therapies
IVF LWC fertility clinics

London Women’s Clinic centres offer a full range of fertility treatments to help patients conceive. But there are other services too to make the procedure more comfortable and approachable. Some of these - such as IVF Lite - are a complete programme, patient-friendly and designed for good prognosis couples. Others, such NHS treatments, will be available only to those from certain NHS regions and meeting eligibility criteria.

Our programmes of treatments for lesbian couples have been an important part of LWC care for more than a decade and are now well established with high success rates. More recently, the same approaches have been introduced for the treatment of single women, with similar rates of success. You can find out more here.

We have also introduced financial packages in some LWC centres, with the aim of encouraging the recognition of IVF as a ‘course’ of treatment, and not just a single cycle. This is based largely on the fact that success rates - ie, a healthy singleton baby born to term - are better after several cycles of treatment and not just one. This depends on the concept of ‘cumulative’ delivery rates after several cycles, and our three-cycle package offers a single payment for up to three treatments. Other LWC clinics may offer a money-back guarantee based on the same ‘cumulative’ principles.

There has been some discussion in the past few years over the provision of adjuvant therapies, or ‘add-ons’. Some of these, such as embryo selection by PGS or time-lapse imaging, are well established techniques and are fully integrated into our programmes. The transfer of blastocycts, for example, is now recognised by all clinics and authorities (including the HFEA) as associated with higher live birth rates than the transfer of day-3 embryos. It is thus our policy at all LWC centres and whenever possible to incubate our embryos to the fifth day (to the blastocyst stage) for transfer.

This is not always possible with every fertilised egg, but it is our aim. Our policy with other adjuvant treatments - such as PGS - is that full evidence-based information is discussed with each patient and that additional treatments will only be pursued when indicated and agreed.

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