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The London Women’s Clinic has counselling available for all patients and donors; counselling for support is available before, during and following any treatment or donation.

Implications counselling is available to explore your treatment plans, your wider family and any child conceived following treatment or donation. It is also available to ensure you are comfortable with all your consent forms, especially around legal parenthood.

You can contact your nursing team to receive a recommended list of counsellors for you to arrange to see.

Dedicated Two Week Wait Support and Coaching

We recognise that following your treatment it can be an emotional roller-coaster whilst you wait to take your pregnancy test. With this in mind, our dedicated Patient Care Coordinator team are available to answer any questions you may have. If you would find it beneficial to receive a support call or arrange a counselling session during this time please do reach out to your Patient Care Coordinator or local team who can arrange this for you.

Support Groups

Fertility Network UK coordinates a network of Support Groups across the country for anyone who has ever experienced fertility problems. For more information and to find a Support Group local to you, click here.

Crisis Support

If you are in crisis or concerned about a clinic, patient or donor please do call us.

  • Your GP will have information about your local Crisis Support Line which will be on their website if you are seeking information out of hours.
  • 24-hour telephone support is available from the Samaritans call 116 123.
  • Your local council website includes a Safeguarding Hub and information relating to how to share concerns around vulnerable adults or child protection issues.

Pregnancy and Loss

For further information on pregnancy and loss you may find the following website helpful:

Peer Support

For further support through infertility and donor conception:

Independent Specialist Fertility Counselling:

For more information about dedicated specialist fertility counselling in the UK:


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