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London Egg Bank 

London Women’s Clinic provides both access to donor eggs and IVF treatment with donor eggs through our sister clinic, London Egg Bank. Together, our two clinics are able to offer excellent standards of treatment to best increase your chances of pregnancy. 

At London Egg Bank, not only can patients benefit from the expertise and world-class lab facilities of London Women’s Clinic, but you will also have access to a dedicated team of consultants and nurses who have over 30 years’ experience specialising in treatment with donor eggs. 


Largest variety of UK-recruited donors 

As the only egg bank in the UK, London Egg Bank is able to provide a large range of donor eggs. All of our donors are recruited in-house in the UK, following a thorough screening and testing programme. We offer almost all ethnicities with no waiting times, and with over 20,000 eggs in storage, there is no need to travel overseas to receive your donor egg treatment. 


Highest level of expertise means highest quality of eggs 

As donation specialists, London Egg Bank employs techniques that are uniquely designed to retrieve and store donor eggs, differing from techniques used in a typical fertility clinic, focusing on patients' eggs.  

With specialist laboratory systems and expert staff, London Egg Bank has proven experience in managing all ovarian stimulation, egg retrievals, and egg freezing. Their proven protocols developed through years of managing donor cycles ensures only the highest quality of donor eggs are produced. 


Dedicated experts and personalised care 

As the UK’s only dedicated egg bank, London Egg Bank’s team of leading embryologists and experienced consultants specialise in donor eggs only. As such, they are able to offer a more intimate and personalised treatment plan for your IVF treatment, on a smaller scale. With their dedicated treatment coordinators and 24/7 access to our online donor database, you can find the perfect donor with ease. 


Leading Success Rates 

The laboratory, based at London Women’s Clinic, provides all scientific services for London Egg Bank. Together, we pride ourselves on having consistently achieved some of the highest egg donation success rates in the UK. 

Egg Donation Events 

Our clinics regularly run both online webinars and in-person events on the subject of ‘Using Donor Eggs’, ‘IVF Treatment with Donor Eggs’, and ‘Surrogacy’. Details of upcoming events can be found here. 

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