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Treating every woman

The London Women’s Clinic is often described as the fertility clinic of choice for same sex couples. We have been treating lesbian couples hoping to start a family for over a decade, and indeed we were one of the very first clinics in the UK to do so.

Sperm donation

Most lesbian women seeking fertility treatment are not infertile. So, their chances of success are good. The usual first-line treatment is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or IVF with donor sperm depending on the patient’s medical history and results. Our sister company the London Sperm Bank is able to provide all our patients with closely matched donor sperm without a wait. Donors come from a wide range of ethnic, educational and social backgrounds and all have been carefully screened. Information about donors can be seen in the London Sperm Bank’s online catalogue.

Shared motherhood (intra-partner egg donation)

Shared motherhood or intra-partner egg donation is now the preferred and most popular treatment option for lesbian couples at the London Women’s Clinic.  By using IVF, one partner donates eggs to her partner and is the ‘biological mother’, whilst the other partner carries the baby and experiences the pregnancy as the ‘birth mother’. This enables motherhood to be a shared experience right from conception.

Legal advice

While lesbian women in the UK have the same rights of parenthood as others, we still recommend appropriate legal advice prior to treatment. This will hopefully prevent any future difficulties arising regarding parenthood and citizenship. Indeed, the legal implications of conceiving with donor sperm can be complex, particularly for same sex couples.



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