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Initial investigations at the London Women’s Clinic to understand your fertility status are called a “Fertility MOT”.  It will give you an idea of whether conception and pregnancy will be easy or difficult, based on a number of tests.

For women

Our female assessment includes a pelvic ultrasound scan, blood test and consultation with a fertility specialist. The blood test will measure a hormone known as Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH), which will give an idea about your ovarian reserve. The scan will check for any polyps, fibroids, cysts or other problems likely to affect fertility. After the tests, results will be discussed during a consultation. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss your medical history and lifestyle and provide advice on maximising your fertility potential.

For men

Because the most common causes of infertility in men are associated with sperm abnormalities, initial investigations for the male includes a semen analysis which examines the density (sperm count), morphology (shape) and mobility of sperm.

For couples

A Fertility MOT for couples will combine both female and male tests. This will provide the most accurate picture of fertility potential.


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