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Essential Advice for the Two Week Wait

Many women go through a difficult period of time in between their fertility treatment and the result. Our latest blog gives some essential insight for those that need support through the Two Week Wait.

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‘Consuming’ ADJECTIVE (of a feeling) completely filling one's mind and attention; absorbing.

Consuming is the perfect word to describe fertility treatment. Dreams of changing nappies, broken sleep and park play dates- each image is part of the dream that consumes those going through fertility treatment.

After committing financially, emotionally and physically to the treatment, the Two Week Wait to see those two red lines on a pregnancy test can be almost unbearable for many.

During those twelve to fourteen days, many women are suffering in silence at work, or when catching up with friends and family. You try and keep yourself distracted from something that has totally consumed every aspect of your life. Such a task can seem impossible.

Trisha Patel, a Fertility Coach at the London Women’s Clinic, has set up a service to meet the needs of the women going through the Two Week Wait.

Trisha states: “I aim to reinforce that this can be a time of uncertainty, lack of control and isolation. During the twelve to fourteen days, feelings of anxiety, late night Google sessions and an overwhelming want to break down at any given point is completely NORMAL.”

You can’t always control what is happening around you. Instead we become obsessed with little things in our physicality that might indicate oncoming pregnancy. Feeling every little twinge and disruption, checking to see if your breasts feel more tender than usual, analyzing every stomachache. Is this a period or something different?

This is okay. It’s okay to be stressed, to feel anxious. Claim it, make friends with it. Resign yourself not to a positive or negative outcome but to the inevitability of an outcome. What will be will be and, in the meantime, you are allowed to live your life.

At the London Women’s Clinic, we encourage patients to claim to their thoughts and offer a robust support system to help you through it. We have tips for calming and reassuring yourself, we can give you useful activities and exercises to keep yourself preoccupied or we can just lend a friendly ear.

To access our free counselling service for existing patients, please contact an LWC Fertility Coach at

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