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London Women's Clinic poised to provide fertility care to NHS and self-funding patients throughout Kent and Sussex

London Women's Clinic, part of JD Healthcare group, one of the UK’s largest independent providers of reproductive medical services, today announces its acquisition of two fertility clinics in Bromley and Eastbourne and a satellite centre at Brighton.

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Now, alongside the services offered by group’s fertility centres in Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells, London Women’s Clinic can offer its world-leading services in reproductive medicine across the entire South-East region. Founded in 1985 in Harley Street, London Women’s Clinic has since achieved a lofty reputation in reproduction founded on its record of innovation, excellent results, patient care, and an extensive research program.

'The amalgamation with LWC of the long-established clinics in Sussex and Kent has allowed us to broaden access to our fertility services in the South-East', says the LWC’s scientific and managing director Dr Kamal Ahuja.

‘Both of the amalgamated clinics are well established centres for the treatment of infertility in NHS and self-funded patients,’ says Dr Ahuja, ‘and it’s our aim at London Women’s Clinic to build on these traditions and bring state-of-the-art treatments and laboratory services to the region.’

Among the expanded range of treatments available to infertile couples alongside IVF and ICSI are egg and sperm donation, egg sharing - provided via the group’s London Egg Bank and London Sperm Bank - ‘shared motherhood’ and surrogacy services for same-sex female couples and insemination treatments for single women. Both these cryobanks have revolutionised gamete donation in Britain with recruitment via social media and with an online catalogue of donors for close matching with recipient patients.

Notable among the conventional infertility treatment programmes is Kind IVF, a comprehensive affordable package offered at fixed price to eligible patients. London Women’s Clinic is also the UK’s leading service for egg freezing, an increasingly popular option for women not yet ready for pregnancy. With more eggs successfully frozen and thawed than any other centre in the UK, these and other state-of-the-art services will soon be readily available at the three new LWC sites.

‘I am very pleased for our dedicated team at iTrust Fertility and our patients. The presence of London Women’s Clinic with such an illustrious pedigree will give local residents in Kent and Sussex the opportunity of a Harley Street service right on their own doorstep,’ says Kuljit Moore, the founding director of the Hospital Fertility Group and the clinics’ former owner.

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