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Alison's Story

Alison and her husband had treatment at LWC London Bridge in 2005 using a surrogate (her sister-in-law) and donor eggs.

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In 2005 we approached the Bridge Centre to help us. Ours was an unusual story. Unable to have children with my husband due to a hysterectomy a few years earlier we looked at the possibility of having a child through surrogacy the Bridge Centre were happy to help. We had a surrogate (my wonderful Sister-in-law) but first we needed an egg donor, which proved trickier than we imagined, here in the UK. After 12 months of waiting we were still very low down on the donor list. We were offered a place on the Bridge Centres overseas programme.  In February 2006 we travelled to Kiev, in the Ukraine, for our first attempt. This proved to be unsuccessful.

The Bridge Centre supported us throughout.  After waiting a couple of months, we were offered another place. In June 2006 we travelled again to Kiev, it was much warmer this time. On 1st July 2006, two embryos were implemented into my Sister-in-law, and then the wait commenced again. The Bridge Centre were there every step of the way. After 14 days we had a blood test. We got a very strong result. Two days later it had doubled.  A really positive start. On 8th August we headed to London's Bridge Centre for our first scan. We couldn't believe our eyes! Two babies! Twins!!

In March 2007 our two babies entered the world. A girl, Annie, and a boy, Jake. Both fantastic weights. We have Prof Grudzinskas and all the UK and Ukraine team to thank for this. Without them all we wouldn't have our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Annie and Jake are just about to start the next step of their adventures. Secondary school and hormones here we come!

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