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Linh and Henrik's Story

Linh and Henrik visited the London Women's Clinic for fertility treatment and had two beautiful children at LWC London Bridge. Working alongside them was LWC's own Mr Michael Summers. Read more about their story here.

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Hong Kong-born Linh met Swedish-born Henrik at their shared software development workplace located in Camden. Although Linh left, they reconnected later and eventually got married in 2003.

The couple wasn’t in any hurry to have children, but it was something that remained on their minds. Linh had been diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 24 and they were relatively aware of the challenges that may be ahead of them in regards to conceiving.

The process in itself was a very new experience for the couple. After a visit to the London Women’s Clinic website, they were curious enough to book an initial consultation.

Linh describes the clinic and her experience with Dr Summers as detailed and straightforward. She says that Dr Summers was very down to earth and honest about the couple’s options, which saved necessary time. They left feeling reassured and wanting to continue on to the next step.

Talking to friends and family about the experience was slightly awkward, but there was no stigma from either side of the family. Sometimes, during the process, there would be the odd bit of misinformation that the couple would try to correct, but for the most part, both sides of the family were thankfully very supportive. It definitely helped that Linh’s parents were desperate to have grandchildren!

At age 30, Linh started fertility treatment at London Bridge. She had one cycle on Clomid tablets to begin with and then 3 IUI cycles. They took a break from fertility treatments for that summer and returned in the autumn of 2011 for their first IVF cycle.

Much to their delight, their first child was born at the end of July 2012. It was memorable because the London Olympics was having their opening ceremony one day before, but poor Linh was stuck in Princess Royal hospital in Bromley with no TV! Still, it was a worthwhile sacrifice.

They decided on the name ‘Summer’, which tied in nicely as they had fond memories of Dr Summers at LWC who had treated them. After this, they left it four years before trying for another child. Linh had contracted sepsis during the birth and it had been quite a difficult experience all round, although she still cites the ‘injections’ as one of the most unpleasant things she had to experience.

Once Linh and Henrik decided that they wanted to try the treatment a second time and almost immediately fell pregnant with their second child, which was a nice surprise.

As the media-dubbed ‘Beast from the East’ raged outside the windows, their second child was born at Princess Royal hospital. Although he was born with group B strep and a collapsed lung, he made a full recovery soon after the birth.

With the snow and storm raging outside, Linh joked that they should name him ‘Olaf’. Luckily, they decided on ‘Corey’ instead.

Now, 17 months after the last pregnancy, that had left Linh bedridden for a few days after, it’s easy to reflect only on the good things with two healthy children as the outcome of the treatment. Still, Henrik brings up a very important point that “childbirth is still dangerous”. It’s very important to make sure that you go into fertility treatment prepared for the highs and lows.

Linh advises that, if you are looking into a fertility treatment to help conceive, that you have a strong support system around you, either friends you can talk to or a counselling service like the one offered at LWC.

Linh and Henrik are very happy that they decided to undergo fertility treatment. The road may have been full of ups and downs, but Summer and Corey are wonderful testaments to their success.

As Linh said: “If the fertility treatment didn’t work, we could have accepted it. At least we would have tried. But if you’re thinking about it, don’t waste too much time. Look into it if you’re curious.”

At the London Women's Clinic, we offer premium IVF and fertility treatments with a team of Harley Street embryologists and unparalleled consultant and nursing care. Book your initial consultation today or join us for one of our free events to learn more.

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