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Sian's Story

"We will be eternally grateful to LWC Wales for their professionalism, care and support"

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My involvement with LWC Wales began in 2010 when my partner and I decided to start a family. As a same-sex couple, we required a sperm donor and I signed up for an Inseminar meeting which I heard advertised on the local radio. A month later our journey began. 

That year I had two IUI treatments with donor sperm, both of which failed. So on the advice of my consultant we decided to try IVF. Dr Thackare, my consultant, was amazing and I put all of my trust in her.

I only had two fertilised eggs from my treatment and Dr Thackare’s words still ring in my ears: ‘It’s quality that matters, not quantity.’ At the end of January 2011 I had a positive pregnancy result and went on to have my son in September. The clinic staff were thrilled to meet my little bundle when I took him in for a visit soon after his birth and he was presented with a LWC teddy.

Towards the end of 2012, we decided to try again with the one remaining frozen embryo. However, on the day of transfer, the embryo perished on thawing and the procedure was cancelled.

In January 2013 I began a second round of IVF Lite with sibling donor sperm. This time I had seven embryos with amazing ‘time-lapse’ video footage of embryo development. In February I received a positive pregnancy result but unfortunately had a silent miscarriage in March. But throughout, the staff at the clinic were extremely supportive and once again my consultant made it her priority to be the one to scan and meet with me on these occasions.

Following the miscarriage, my relationship broke down and my hopes of becoming a parent for the second time seemed very unlikely. However, towards the end of 2014 I met a new partner and entered into a new relationship. I was very conscious of my age and my ex-partner had legally withdrawn her consent (via a solicitor’s letter) for me to use any of the remaining three embryos in storage. This pushed me into a decision to start a new round of IVF asap (I was turning 38 at the time) and unfortunately we had to choose a new donor.

So my third attempt at IVF Lite began in May 2015 and once again it was a very successful treatment with eight embryos. In June 2015 I received a positive pregnancy test and gave birth to my daughter in February 2016 at the age of 39.

My family is now complete and we will be eternally grateful to LWC Wales for their professionalism, care and support. Before having my children I felt happy and content with my life and never really felt that there was anything missing. However, I could never anticipate the sense of fulfillment, contentment and happiness that I now feel since having my children.

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