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Kirsty's Story

Kirsty and her partner had IVF treatment at the LWC Harley Street.  After the devastating loss of their twins they had success with two Frozen Embryo Transfers and now have two children Lily and Harry.

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As a same sex couple, we always knew we would have to have children through fertility treatment. We were recommended London Women’s Clinic and got in touch with them. From the very first contact I knew we had made the right choice in going there. 

We went to a free seminar where we found out all about the treatment options and the processes which enabled us to make informed choices about the best treatment for us. We then arranged a consultation and following this we had the relevant testing. We then started treatment in July 2016, a few weeks after our wedding.

IVF is a daunting, emotional process and everything was explained in detail. All questions were answered, there was constant support through every step of the process and we were always made to feel at ease when there. There were lots of trips to the clinic and we were delighted when we were told that the IVF cycle was successful. We ended up with 3 good quality blastocysts which was amazing. One was transferred and two were frozen.

The blastocyst transfer was successful, and we got a positive test at two weeks. We went for the scan at the clinic at just over 7 weeks and were delighted when we found out that our single blastocyst had split, and we were having twins, both the perfect size and both with strong heartbeats. It was amazing to see, and we were told that the embryo splitting after transfer was extremely rare. We felt extremely lucky. 

Sadly, when we went for the dating scan on the NHS at almost 13 weeks both twins’ hearts had stopped beating, we had no idea anything was wrong, and this was the first we knew about a missed miscarriage. I had a surgical procedure the following day to take the twins out and we were left completely devastated. 

We got in touch with the clinic to let them know what had happened and were immediately offered counselling and a follow up consultation during which we were treated with amazing care and support in what was one of the hardest times of our lives. We were keen to try again and the following month we were back at the clinic preparing for a Frozen Embryo Transfer. Everything went well and after an extremely worrying and anxious pregnancy we were blessed with our rainbow baby girl Lily who is now almost 19 months old.

We still had one frozen embryo and we decided we would like a small age gap so when Lily was 6 months we went back to Harley Street, this time with Lily. All the staff were amazing and welcomed us (mostly Lily!) with open arms. She came with us for every trip back to the clinic, she loved seeing the staff and getting her little teddy.  We received amazing care and treatment yet again and our last frozen embryo was transferred and the nervous 2 week wait began. We were overjoyed to be pregnant again and in November 2018 we welcomed our beautiful boy Harry who is now nearly 4 months old. 

Life now is .... hectic but in a wonderful way. Having 2 under 2 has its challenges but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We dreamt about having a family of our own and now that dream has come true.  Lily adores her baby brother and seeing them together is so special. If someone had said to us just over 2 years ago we would now have a son and a daughter we wouldn’t have believed it, but here we are! 

London Women’s Clinic have enabled us to become a family of four and for that we will forever be grateful.

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