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Why get a fertility test for couples?

For heterosexual couples, a joint Fertility MOT test comprises a combination of the female tests and other tests for the male partner. It provides an accurate picture of your combined fertility to enable you both to understand your fertility potential and your ability to conceive.

For lesbian couples, the London Women’s Clinic also offers a same-sex couples Fertility MOT test. This enables both partners to have a pelvic ultrasound scan and Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test.

What is included?

The couple’s Fertility MOT test at London Women’s Clinic includes:

For the female partner(s):
  • A Pelvic ultrasound scan with Antral Follicle Count
  • An Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Blood Test
For the male partner:
  • A Full Semen Analysis and Report
For both of you:
  • A consultation with a fertility specialist

What's next?

The results of your fertility tests alongside your medical history and lifestyle will be discussed with you both during a consultation with a fertility specialist. The specialist will advise you on your fertility status and on maximising your fertility potential as a couple. This could include any lifestyle changes that you may need to make or any fertility treatment options that you may need to consider. For lesbian couples, you’ll be able to decide which partner may wish to have treatment first or if you are considering intra-partner egg donation.

If you do require fertility treatment, London Women's Clinic will tailor an individual plan to give you the very best chance of a pregnancy. You will receive a full, personalised cost of treatment, including the cost of medication after your initial consultation with the fertility specialist.


Please find out about prices for our different MOT packages here

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